Domain Registration & Hosting

Domain Registration

The domain name is the name of the business which should be unique and creative. If you have a name for your business, we can buy for you your business name as a domain name so that your website stands out uniquely as your business does. We provide the best domain registration services.

Web Hosting

We are providing web hosting for your website. You can opt for running your website on our server. Our website hosting server is secure and safe with latest encryption so that no hacker can attack your website and it’s protected from all types of cyber-attack. We are providing attractive and easy to access penal for hosting. user easy to manage hosting space.

Website Development & Maintenance

Website development basically deals with providing an internet platform to small and big businesses. a website can be informative or dealing with sell and purchase. An informative website is a simple website containing useful and meaningful information about your business, services, mission, vision, etc. An eCommerce website is a website where businesses can sell their products online such as Amazon. Such websites contain payment gateways too Website development can be categorized as static website development and dynamic website development. Static website development is the traditional way of developing a website through programming languages. Whereas, a dynamic website is much more convenient as one just needs to install a theme. like a WordPress is a platform providing facility for developing a dynamic website. Connect to Digital provides the best website development in India as before starting the process we brainstorm about the requirements. We serve to grow your business with ease and make your business name a leading name in your industry. We are the company providing all types of website development services as below.

CMS Development

Content is an important part of your website. A CMS refers to the content management system which helps you to add, remove, the inappropriate images, edit the website content and provide ease of managing the website content. Through CMS you can take the command of your website content in your hands. A good Content management system is the key to making your business a brand name. We understand the need for good content and also that you may require to change the content in future as you grow. Therefore, we develop the best suits CMS for your ease so that whenever you need content change, you don’t pay a fortune to get it done.

E-Commerce Development

In the digital era, the craze of getting business online is increasingly like a rush. If you are also planning the same then you have deboarded on the right platform. If you have a business, we have the plan to make it fly in the internet skies. Connect to digital brings answers to all your questions with customized solutions. E-Commerce is the perfect and only platform where you can grab the chance to connect with potential clients by using the best digital technology. For in-depth technology, we can list digital data, digital marketing, mobile commerce, etc. We have an affordable price for providing our eCommerce website development in India which makes opting our services a win-win situation. We are the rising eCommerce website development company.

Social Network Development & Community

Social Network Development & Community refers to creating customized social networks for the businesses which are built for innovative ideas. We develop personalized social networks and communities for innovative brands and businesses across the globe to venture out and connect along with clients, job seekers, supporters or entrepreneurs by bringing them together like in a social media group or page. We are creating ads targeted directly to the social media platform community. It will be furnished through display marketing, direct communications, or via interaction focused on the internet activities of the person. At connect to digital we work for you and your brand so that you never see downsizing in growth.

PHP Application Development

A server-side language which is known to be the strongest and safest programming languages is PHP. With the increasing demand of PHP website development, if you have the requirement of the language for your business then we are here to help. Connect to digital has the team of expert PHP developers helping you with your PHP needs. We are the leading in the market of best IT service providers without compromising the quality of services and product we deliver. We focus on delivering high quality and remarkable deliverables to our clients and stand out as the best PHP web development company in India.

Web API Development

Before knowing web API development, it is important to understand web API and it’s needed for a website. Web API (application programming interface) is a kind of bridge which is required to get access to specific functionalities, features, database, etc. of a website, Android app, operating system, software, etc. A web API can be developed using technologies like, Java, PHP, etc. We create customized web API solutions as per the requirements of our clients. We are providers of the best web API solutions in India.

Cloud Apps Development

We develop and run robust on-scale cloud storage. We at connect To Digital utilizes validated and cutting-edge cloud resources to build reliable and easily usable cloud solutions. We also configure the existing software applications to make them run on the cloud. We are the best cloud application development company in India. We create customized cloud services as per your needs using different IoT platforms.

WordPress Development

One of the best and most popular open-source development platforms is WordPress. WordPress is widely used worldwide by many start-ups. The main feature of WordPress is that you can get unlimited themes from which you can choose the best fit theme for your website. WordPress websites are easy to customise and support content management systems. WordPress development is completely theme-based, however, the style of the website can be customised too. The platform offered a wide-open area to explore and develop amazing websites to the developers. Connect To Digital is recognized as the provider of the best WordPress services.

Website Maintenance

No time to update or delete unwanted material on your website? Don't panic, we will do it for you. We create the best website maintenance services across India. We will update your website and make all the changes whenever you need at the price of peanuts. Our services are completely pocket friendly and best in the market of IT service providers in India.

SEO & Digital Marketing

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and Search Engine Advertisement

We are well aware of the need for taking the business online and ranking your website on the first page of the search engines. Therefore, we bring specially designed SEO strategies to make your business grow and shoot up your sales. A correct SEO strategy followed with right activities not only flashes the website on the first page of search engines such as Google but also generates leads which become your potential customers. “If you want to hide a dead body, hide it on the second page of Google.” The websites which are not on the first page of Google, require changes in their search engine strategies. A good website is the one which is flashing on the first five searches of Google 1st page whenever you search a particular keyword. Our search engine optimisation experts clearly research suitable keywords for your website and perform various SEO techniques to rank the website on the top for those keywords. We provide top search engine optimization services in India. Search engine advertising is a search engine marketing (SEM) specific type that generates and handles advertisements on the web pages relevant to search queries. On Google Ads, Microsoft Advertising (aka the latest Bing Ads), YouTube Video Ads, and others such advertisements that appear. Search Engine Marketing refers to the paid marketing campaigns which we run with the motive of targeting the users using search engines. However, the marketing advertisements are scheduled only for targeted audiences which makes it an organic lead generation method. It is a targeted approach to advertising. We deliver the best.


We are a highly qualified and well-trained staff of digital marketing professionals who are working towards providing innovative, revolutionary and effective digital marketing approaches for businesses. As an efficient team, we walk with the motive of providing the finest solutions to all of our clients, without any mistake or deviation. etc. We provide the best digital marketing company in India.

Social Media Marketing

Social platforms, which is a powerful medium for both brands and businesses, is a well-established network all around the planet. Through platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. people are getting influenced in just a flick of an eye. Therefore, Connect To Digital understands the need for the social presence of your business and that’s why we create custom social media campaigns for you on different platforms. We stand out as an innovative social media marketing company providing affordable social media marketing services.

  • Facebook
  • We have a diverse team of Facebook marketing professionals and innovative thinkers who understand what it takes for all kinds of businesses to create and execute a successful strategic Facebook ad marketing strategy. We can also track progress and evaluate various ad components for efficiency optimization and development process.

  • Instagram
  • Our team of dedicated social media marketers understand the need for new social media platforms and therefore dedicatedly works towards customised campaigns on new popular platforms such as Instagram.

  • You Tube
  • We create professional YouTube videos for YouTube marketing which gives an insight into your business, products and services. Our YouTube marketing videos are completely creative and innovative so that it can attract a high amount of leads for your profit.

  • What’s App message
  • We promote your business on platforms like WhatsApp by sending messages on different business groups. The business groups are those where only potential customers are available.

  • Twitter
  • We continuously run campaigns, posts, comment, like, etc. to make your online engagement on Twitter. The motive of twitter marketing is to make brand recognition with trending hashtags so that your business catches the eyes of customers.

  • LinkedIn
  • We post unique marketing articles, blog posts, social media images, on LinkedIn which connects you to a large number of professionals and customers. After running the brand awareness campaign, you will start receiving leads in the form of messages, comments, etc.

Online Marketing

Online marketing is also known as internet marketing is the term used for promoting your business, products and services on online platforms. The main purpose of online marketing is to reach targeted audiences on a large scale. Most businesses are using online marketing for selling goods and services, and advertising over the internet. However, the purpose of online marketing is not just limited to e-commerce or advertising. Online Marketing can be used for reaching out to a large group of people at once. We stand out as the best among many online marketing companies in India. We provide all types of online marketing services to our clients.

  • Google Business Registration and 360◦ Photography
  • Google business registration is an important part of internet marketing. It is the first step which is required for Google business listing. Adding 360° photography with your Google business increases your online sale rapidly.

  • Google ads
  • We run uniquely designed ads on google related to your services or products. Google AdWords has been used as a marketing technique for years and benefitted many businesses worldwide. Our AdWords experts run creative Google ads to make your business grow.

  • Bulk SMS
  • Bulk SMS marketing technique is a subset of online marketing where you can send unlimited SMS promoting your business and brand. By bulk SMS messaging service, you can send promotional messages to thousands of targeted customers in one go.

  • Bulk audio call
  • Bulk audio calls similar to bulk SMS is a digital marketing technique which is used to call thousands of customers in one go. This service helps you to reach more customers and connections.

  • Email marketing
  • Email marketing is very good for your business. You start getting results instantly. Connect To Digital provides a powerful Email Marketing tool that is easy to use and you don't need to be a marketing expert to use it and see the results. Now in this fast-paced world Emails have become indispensable for everyone. Hence if you do Email marketing it will generate business for you. Now people can check and use their emails not only from their PC and laptop but also from a smartphone hence all the time people are connected with Email messages.

  • Pay Per Click (PPC)
  • Pay per clicks is customised applications where the client pays for every click which is done on the ads run on various social media platforms. Pay per click is the most efficient method of digital marketing as it is mainly focused on targeted audiences, area, region, country, industry, etc. We create unique advertisements with high-quality graphics and catchy content so that every click you pay for can be a convertible lead and increase profits for your business. We provide the best-paid Search marketing and PPC services in India.

Content Writing Services

Content is the king for every website and business as well. We provide the best content writing services in India. Our content is written by expert writers from different fields. Content should be unique and meaningful so that it can help the website to rank up. Also, the engagement of users while reading the content is one of the main characteristics of good content. We provide user-friendly content services for blogs, articles, website content, social media content, etc. We provide the best content marketing services in India and are leading as a top content marketing company.

Brand Marketing

The purpose of Brand Marketing is to make your brand visible among the top brands in your industry. We create an innovative campaign for making your product, service and business a brand name. We create your social media presences by the daily posting of social media posts, comments, likes, shares, etc. We highlight your social pages with our standout content so that more people get attracted and become potential customers. We are among one of the best and leading brand marketing companies providing top class Brand marketing services in India.

Graphics & Web Design

Do you have something creative in your mind? Are you looking for someone who can give your vision a prospect of reality? If your answer is yes then you have landed on the right page. Graphic designing and web design can be referred to as the creative aspect of bringing your business online. Advanced tools and techniques are used to make your website unique and attractive so that it stands out as the best and gives your visitors a clear insight into your business. Both graphics designing and web designing are required to design a website uniquely. However, both are different from each other. We provide all types of graphics and website designing services all over India at pocket-friendly prices to our customers. We are the best website design company in India. We serve to make your business ideas into reality and fulfil all your graphic and website design needs.

Logo Design

A logo is the mirror reflection of your business. It should be unique, creative and at the same time meaningful. Our expert team of graphic designers completely brainstorm your business requirements and come up with unique logo designs for your business. We have thousands of templates from which you can choose your style which suits your business. We are the best logo designers in India supporting every big small business in making them unique and stand out of the crowd.

2D - 3D Graphic Design

2D and 3D graphic designs can be used from promotions of your business on social media or you can put them on your website. We create beat 2D-3D graphics by using the latest technologies such as Corel draw, Photoshop, Canvas, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Creative Cloud, etc. Our graphics designers are filled with unique ideas to give you perfect design as you would have thought. We can create anything digitally for your profitable business.

Brochure & Flyer Design

We create all sizes unique brochure and flyer designs for our valuable clients. Our team of graphics designers thinks creatively to give you the best design for your imagination. We add unique infographics in your brochure and flyer so that whenever you give them to your customers, they don't tear it off and throw it away. We give the best graphics solutions for all your creative needs. Get any requirement, then connect with us as we are the best graphic design company in India.

Daily Post and Message

Looking for someone who can create unique posts for your social media pages? You have landed on the right page. We have a team of some of the best graphics designers and content creators who not only design your unique posts but with the unique content too. Our team of creative thinkers provides the best solutions for all your graphics needs.

Animated Video Ads.

In the era of rapidly changing technology, it's not sufficient to just promote your business with images. Let us create a creative and completely designed animated video with all your services included. We had created thousands of unique animated videos for our valuable clients and helped them to grow worldwide. We are the best graphic design company with top graphic designers across India and helping businesses to grow with our services.

Responsive Website Design

A website can be categorized in the category of the user-friendly website only if it gives the same feel on every size of the screen. We design user-friendly and responsive websites for your business so that no matter where your target audiences are accessing your website, they can feel the same. We design the best websites for your business and stand out as the best website design company in India.

Commerce Store Design

Whenever a potential client first opens your E-commerce website, it will create a lasting impact. It's very vital that your e-commerce website design is creative and easy to navigate that entices customers to take the desired action on the e-commerce store. We design and build eCommerce portals that help eCommerce businesses to increase sales and make faster revenues. Our experts are going to transform your eCommerce platform into one of the most powerful online selling platforms.

Mobile Apps

Now a day’s mobile applications have become an important need for every business. Potential customers worldwide find it more reliable and easier to access things as applications rather than browsing for a website. No matter from which industry you belong, mobile apps are the need of the hour. Connect To Digital understands the business needs and therefore provides the best mobile application solutions for your business. Whether you are looking for an e-commerce store or a service-based application, just name it and we create it for you. We work with the motive of providing mobile applications which can make you grow and bring profitable customers in return. So, if you are looking for the flawless application developers, you can count on us for the best. We have the best mobile application developers holding expertise in Android applications, BlackBerry applications, iOS applications, web apps, etc. Our talented developers make us the best mobile app development company in India.

Android App Development

As technology is going forward at a fast pace, the need for Android application platforms is increasing rapidly too. You can easily find an Android mobile in the hands of every third person with lots of Android applications filled in it. The growing need of Android applications makes it a platform for businesses to grow and reach a wider audience through their mobile phones. Our services of Android applications development are specially made for businesses looking for a unique app for their brand. Connect To Digital are the providers of best Android app development services in India. Our expert Android app developers are always ready to develop a unique application matching your parameters and features you are looking for.

iPhone Application Development

iPhone applications are designed on most secure platforms. There is no chance of data breach or hacking in iPhones. The applications developed for using iPhones come with the highest security, best user interface, and greater brand value. These applications are specifically designed for users who are more inclined towards the security of their data. Our expert developers create the best in market iPhone applications for the clients. We are the leading iPhone application development company in India.

Mobile App UI Design

A mobile application should be attractive and user friendly so that it boosts the interests of the people using it for the first time. An application with a boring interface can make the user interest fail in the application's main feature. Therefore, we create an epically interesting design for your mobile application which not only attracts users but also shoots up the sales of users using it. We are the best mobile app designers in India developing beautiful applications for businesses and brands.

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